Creative Creator, Artist, Designer & Filmmaker.

Y-Kay is a hip-hop artist based in Dubai, UAE. Has been moving from country to country since 2012. From East Bay, CA. to the Middle East, and back, the story is far from finished.  

2 self produced EP's since 2015, one self directed Music Video, and more than 10 years worth of shelved music off the record books. The 25 year old artist is finally having his first LP in the works. Built on all his previous works since 2012, from local and international artists collaborations, to solo promotional records, Mark Of the Beast (M.O.B) is where Y-Kay attempts a shot at perfection. 

Y-Kay is a vehement champion of voicing his ideas with disregards to the restrictive societies of today, and a promoter of all Arts that serve a purpose.

His approach to any work is that it should speak for someone who can not, or paint a situation in a different light, to put emphasis on matters that are being marginalized by the world, or to simply express a personal incident, either by story-telling, or addressing the listener in person as if they are the only people to exist in the world at a certain moment in time.


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