The 9 Dyēus Tape (EP)

A solo EP, that shrouded itself with the mysticism of souls, devils, gods, and ancient myths. 
It can get repetitive at some points, but by the end, you'll want to hear it all again, it's ironic. 

The 3rd solo EP by Y-Kay since 2012. After 3 solo projects, one taken off the public clouds (Crushed Diamonds - due to, as Y-Kay puts it, it's irrelevancy on the surface of the music scene), and 3 other shelved projects that were never released due to their incompletion, such as:

"Thorns of an Aries, Phase 2, & Art, Gods, & The Cosmos".

Yet, 9 dYēus came out with a straight connection to "Art, Gods, & The Cosmos".

"21st Century Schizoid Man" felt like it came out of necessity, it was a pretty satisfying project, in concept, but the end-result fell short in terms of quality, alongside the artist's approach towards certain songs. The thematics were consistent, the message the work was trying to send was easily conveyed, or the artist made it seem so, so it was easily digested. Besides the slightly aggressive approach on some tracks which contrasted the mellow ones, the audience had to see the schizoid in him, without him blatantly saying that he is one. Which a way for the artist to get the audience to engage and debate the merit of the work if they pleased to do so. The entertainment value balanced with it's factual yet surrealistic feel were also a breath of fresh air. Besides the slightly average production value of the EP. It was great work. 

Being a songwriter for 11 years, Y-Kay has been writing more songs than he can remember. To never being satisfied by your own work must be a curse, but to be able to keep creating art in different forms every day is like having an unstoppable mind with the creativity of the Ancient Greek, Roman, & Egyptian Gods. Yet the project doesn't depict that image in it's historic form, but in Y-Kay's personal life, the struggle of any artist, and to transform that into music or art, can only be done by creatives.The bittersweet symphony of it all, has all been heard before, but not quite like this. A lot of religious references, biblical, & philosophical on one side, and money, drugs, and sex on the other. DYEUS literally translates to God, in greek, and latin. But a personal connection is that Y-Kay is a Diest. the 9 stands for the first number used in the international call code when you phone most countries in the Middle East. As a rap artist, Y-Kay is stating he is a God artist, because of his years and experience in writing and creating his music and art. It's not a statement about claiming to be the best in the region, and it has little to do with the realistic perspective of religions. Y-Kay considers himself sort of a meritocratic lord, in the historical scheme of things. Objective skills rule overall. Because numbers do not lie, and it does hold more value than opinions, for a fact. Mirroring Y-Kay's lyrical approach.

11 years of trying to create one perfect project is bordering on insanity, but if you get called that, and you keep going, and you make that album happen, then you're definitely a genius. 9 dYēus was not the one perfect project, but it projects it. 

"Mark Of the Beast" - coming soon 

Project artworks, Lyrics Breakdown, and More on Genius: 

Written & Performed by: Y-Kay 

Music Visuals for Y-Kay's Single "Carpe Diem" -

Production: Various artists 

Creative Director & Executive Producer: Y. Khalil

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