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  1. 4 Years Later

Y-Kay - 4 Years Later
Draft Day by Drake (remix)


Last day
Was mad real
Might go bananas, flow really might peel
Last time
I swear nigga
Suit and tie on us and we saying, know what, I'ma do it for ya

With the helmet like I’m playing for noter-dam
Just note it down
You wana clown
Il paint your face with flows and add the smile
So you can never say you feeling down,
but I can tell that your friend uh she got potential
She gotta be smart, word to Khalid,
I’m valid when you got to mention my name,
I’m making a point, add two later when I’m feeling on point,
steph curry with the steal and you bound
Oh they feeling you now
Oh they kneeling for crown
Oh they saying you the hottest since bin laden been drowned
Who the flyest in town?
And who got pilots on dial
But I’m just rhyming like I got 2 cups on me now
4 years later I’m the illest no hound
My homie out here going all digital,
we balling 2 seats and you all outta bounds
so don’t come around, talking oh dumb it down
why should I? I make music like I’m chilling in Harvard and lounge
Sit back and I wow you with the words that I’m brushing with style
while I'm brushing my teeth, feeling great today,
I might just go and ask you to model for me,
but you gotta do it for free
I swear the end result gon be better than Selena on E
take your pills later baby, all your drinks are on me
I got some things I don’t lease, until I win I won’t be on my knees
that’s word to the 74 to the 49
feel like the interpole really want mine
but if they hear my mind
all they’ll hear is intercourse, in a Porsche; and she pose, while I’m out here making toasts, champaign for days, with a Diana ross
flow film no animals, less we talking alligator clothes
started from the bottom made it to the top floor
singing dirty Diana, talking about my ex’os, in the Lexus,
she already knows who is the best of
I told her damn baby I gotta be humble
she said I ain’t talking music dumbo
I’m talking about jumbo
Shit that ain’t royal, this rumble

And what she say?

hey you know I had to it for ya

Oh wait side note, this ain’t magic this majestic

See you when you see me

9 G-O-DYēus

6 in the morning singing dirty rap songs

You know I had to do it for ya